Monday, November 11, 2013

First Fall Lambs

This is # 3, no she is not wearing lipstick. She had just finished licking the mineral tub when I took this picture a week ago. She is our ewe that won Tillamook County fair's FFA reserve champion over all breeding ewe. She was also the ewe that I expected to deliver Fall lambs first and I was right. On Saturday late morning I noticed signs that she was in labor. By that afternoon we had two new lambs at the Sheep Camp, the first of our Fall lambs.

Our first Fall lambs have arrived. They are healthy, hearty, and of course cute as a button. I think all lambs are cute though so you will have to judge for yourself. 

This little guy is enjoying the heat lamp.
His sister was wondering what I was up to.

Mom said that is enough warming time to eat.

And with birth weights above average, especially for twins (15 lbs &12 lbs) they will be doing a lot of eating. 

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  1. Well--you taught me something new today; I guess I always thought lambs were just a springtime thing! But at 12 and 15 pounds (wow!) it sounds like they'll be just fine throughout the winter! And, yes, I think all lambs are pretty cute!